ThermXhaus is the efficient heating products, renewable energy system products export company of Beijing DongFang Liansheng Technology Co., one of the world's leading suppliers. Beijing DongFang Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd. is the world's leading provider of technology and materials, with 12 different companies operating since 1994 in the fields of energy distribution, production, import and export of HVAC products.

ThermXhaus aims to provide fast and reliable solutions to its customers by planning much more than being a sales brand that brings together dozens of options that will provide thermal comfort and comfort together under the same platform.

Beijing DongFang Liansheng Technology Co has more than one strong brand worldwide It markets HVAC products produced from partner factories in Turkey and factories in China. We have been bringing our products to you in 15 countries for more than 10 years. Our products have CE, GOST-R, TSE, Chinese special equipment qualification standards certificates and comply with the efficiency, health, environmental protection and safety criteria required by these standards.