Q-Therm Premium

• Different heat outputs 24 kW, 35 kW, 42 kW, 50 kW

• Stainless steel heat exchanger

• Low noise level

• Low gas consumption with high heating Efficiency

• User-friendly control panel with large LCD screen

• Full combustion depending on the energy saving with 1/6 modulation

• Easy installation even in narrow spaces with its compact dimensions

• Environmental-friendly combi boiler compilant with EU ErP Regulation

• Weekly adjustable digital room thermostats (optional)


• Heat outputs 24,3 kW

• Low noise level

• Stainless steel domestic hot water heat exchanger

• User friendly control panel

• Compact dimensions

• Strong circulation pump with 3 speed stage


• Gas Adaptive System : provide continuous high efficiency by adjusting the ideal air and gas ratio.

• 1:8 Modulation Ratio : High Productivity in all Season

• Stainless Steel Exchanger : provides long product life

• Cascade up to 6 boilers & 390 kW power : With the optional MLC 27 Cascade Module accessory

• User FriendlyControl Panel : Illuminated wide information screen shows heater, hot usage water, installation pressure

• Perfect Body Insulation : High Usage Productivity is ensured by 10 mm thickened insulation

Q-Thermax +

• Q-Thermax Plus condensing boiler is one of the most economical and enviromental ways to heat your home or commercial property,

• All floor type condensing boilers models are able to achieve high efficiency, up to %98

• Boilersoperateinhighrisebuildingswithout aplateheatexchangers

• Q-Thermax Plus offers a wide range of heating options from 350kW to 2800kW with aluminium casting heat exchangers and high-quality components

• Ideal for commercial applications

• Full modulation premix burner

• Cascade system with 16 boilers

• Low noise level