ThermXhaus aims to minimize the risks that may arise regarding the security, integrity and availability of the corporate information and the effects of such risks by applying Information Security Management System (BGYS) ISO 27001 : 2013 standard.

For the purpose of protecting the information assets and continuation of the basic and supporting work activities with the minimum disruption possible, ThermXhaus Information Security aims to:

• Fulfill the requirements of Information Security Standards,
• Ensure compliance with all Turkish legal legislation regarding Information Security,
• Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems,
• Maximize compliance level of the employees with awareness and security requirements,
• Ensure full compliance with the contracts signed with third parties,
• Produce the information and also ensure access to and storage of it with full compliance with the laws,
• Carry out continuous improvement works and to take advantage of any opportunities in this regard formaintaining Information Security Management System.

Each ThermXhaus employee and the subsidiary industry personnel is responsible for contributing to these goals regardless of their positions or duties.